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It’s Time For A Latino ‘Black Panther’ Moment

I went to see Marvel’s Black Panther last weekend and it was everything the critics and audiences said it was. Not only was it one of the best written and best acted comic book movies I’ve ever seen, but it also showed that a movie starring mostly Black people could make a ton of money, which is what Hollywood REALLY cares about at the end of the day. Not only was there the racial component of the representation but also for women who were shown as strong warriors and scientists. The nation of Wakanda was, in the movie, the most advanced country on Earth, though hilariously the White dominated West had no idea. I can’t imagine what it must feel like for young Black kids to finally have a hero like Black Panther and the Wakandans to look up to. I would have given anything for that when I was a kid. Which brings me to my point: When is it going to be the Latino’s turn to have our Black Panther moment?

While we certainly now have Latinos in space in Star Wars and Battlestar Gallactica, we’ve not had the same results with our superheroes. That’s because, frankly, there aren’t a lot of Latino superheroes. The most obvious one to get his own movie is Miles Morales, the Afro-Latino Spiderman. I know that Disney may be afraid that if they make a Latino Spiderman movie it won’t pay off like Black Panther did? Why not? Latinos have a lot of spending power and they love to go to the movies. I guarantee that if they made a Miles Morales movie it would do well, not just with Latinos, but with a wider audience. Who doesn’t love Spiderman?

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