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Top 5 Most Social Shared Super Bowl Commercials.

The Super Bowl has become a day in which people gather in front of the TV not only to watch the big game but to watch all the great commercials. With companies spending millions of dollars on a 30 second commercial that usually will only air one time during the Super Bowl, we take a look at the top five most social shared commercials of all time.

The Force: Volkswagen (2011)

We all know that we will never have Jedi powers but that does not mean a kid can’t dream, 5.4  million social shares.

Budweiser: 9/11 Tribute (2002)

This commercial only aired one time but it did pay tribute to Sept 11,  3.34 million social shares.

Budweiser: Brotherhood (2013)

A bromance between a man and a horse,  2.73 million social shares.

Ram Trucks: Farmer (2013)

Radio broadcaster Paul Harvey’s famous “God Made a Farmer” speech with images of farmers and Ram trucks, 1.89 million social shares.

Fast and Furious 6: Big Game Spot (2013)

With a total of $788 million in worldwide total gross, this Super Bowl ad for the Fast and Furious has a total of 1.51 million social shares.

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