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Who Talks The Best Trash? Texas Rangers Vs. San Francisco Giants Edition

Who knew that Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants fans were so passionate? With moments to go before the first pitch of the 2010 MLB World Series, supporters of both sides have wasted no time in talking up their teams and trashing on their opponents.

Both fan bases have been doing a pretty good job so far, but just like in the Fall Classic, there can only be one winner. So, who will it be?

Giants fans have notoriously been making YouTube videos to show off their orange and black pride so it’s only fitting that the first representative from San Francisco in this battle talk trash in video form:

For the Rangers, we have Darrell Cook– Texas lawyer who got a judge to grant him his request to change a hearing date so that he could attend the first game of the World Series. His reasoning? He wanted to be there when Cliff Lee brought the law. From The Dallas Morning News Rangers blog:

“In a seven-page motion for continuance, attorney Darrell Cook detailed his “love of the Rangers that has gone generally unrequited for thirty-eight (38) years.” He asked the court to postpone a pretrial conference, which was set for 1 p.m. Wednesday, so that “justice may be done.”

By justice, he meant: “That Darrell can be present in San Francisco for Game 1 of the World Series while Cliff Lee wields his usual style of Post-Season justice to the hapless souls that are otherwise known as the Giants lineup,” according to a footnote.” —Dallas Morning News

Who wins this round? The dude with the Lincecum video or the Texas Lawyer rooting for the law-dispensing Cliff Lee?

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