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Trump Appoints Alexander Acosta To Cabinet

In a move that came as a surprise to many president Donald Trump appointed Florida International University Law School dean Alexander Acosta as his nominee for labor secretary. This comes after his first pick, burger magnate Andy Puzder, dropped out of contention because of several scandals. Acosta becomes the first Latino to be named on Trump’s cabinet. Previously we wrote that if Trump didn’t have a Latino on the cabinet it would be the first time in thirty years that this occurred. He’s a second choice but in the age of Trump we take whatever crumbs we can get.

Acosta is a native of Miami and is Cuban-American. It makes sense that if Trump was going to choose a Latino they would be Cuban. The Cuban-Americans in South Florida helped him win that crucial state after all. Cuban-Americans, (and I can say this because I am one), have always been the Latino group that Republicans most feel at ease about. Most Cuban exiles that immigrated in the 1960’s were Caucasian and rich. They quickly aligned themselves with the Republican party, and although that support is eroding among younger Cuban-Americans, the old guard still carry a lot of weight. Just look at the other Latino stars of the Republican party Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. In the end I’m glad there is a Latino in the cabinet but did it have to be such a predictable choice?

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