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Tu Vez Latino Culinary Academy: Chilaquiles

Welcome to the Tu Vez Latino Culinary Academy! We are determined to teach Latino men how to feed themselves without having to go to a drive-through. Will it be an old family recipe? A delicious cocktail? A trade secret? Stay tuned to find out!

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s true. Studies have shown that people have greater concentration, students do better in school, and workers are more productive if they’ve had a nice breakfast. You»re body is a machine and machines need power to work. Chilaquiles is a great breakfast meal that provides you with everything you need to start the day. It has protein in the eggs, carbs in the tortilla chips, fats in the cheese, and vitamin S (salsa). This is an easy and quick breakfast that is hard to screw up.



2 Cups of tortilla chips. Any kind will do and they can be a little stale.

1 Jar of green chili salsa. The green kind is traditional, but really you can use any salsa you like.

4 Eggs

1/2 An onion, diced

1 Cup of shredded white cheese like queso fresco, queso chihuahua, oaxaca, Monterrey jack, etc.

Extras: A good use for leftover meat is as a part of chilaquiles, especially leftover chicken. Chorizo is always good as well. Some people add refried or black beans to their chilaquiles. It’s up to you. You have free will.

It’s super easy. Stick in the chips and the salsa in a pot and heat them on a low heat until the chips start to soften but aren’t mushy. Saute the onions until they turn clear and then toss in the eggs for a scramble. Serve the chips on a plate and top them with the eggs and the cheese. If you want to you can then add the meat or beans. Now, eat it and have a productive day. Don’t just stay inside and play «Minecraft».

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