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Tu Vez Spanglish Dictionary Word Of The Day: Broder


Noun. A bastardized version of the English word brother. The correct Spanish word is hermano. As far as we can tell, this word originated in the 70’s in New York. Nuyoricans adopted the custom of calling each other brother from African-Americans. It is a term of endearment, albeit a wrong one. Still, it is a nice way of engendering a feeling of solidarity amongst we Latinos.

EX: “¡Oye, broder! No te veo desde que mandar a la carcel por violar a esa mata.”

TR: “Hey, brother! I haven’t seen you since they sent you to jail for raping that shrub.”

EX: “Mira, no jodas con esa jeva, broder. Te va a dar la gonnorea.”

TR: “Listen, stop messing around with that chick, brother. She’s gonna give you gonorrhea.”

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