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Tu Vez Spanglish Dictionary Word Of The Day: Chatear


Verb: To chat, speak, or engage in conversation either in person or online. Chatear is a bastardization of the English words chat or chatting. Came into prominence in the late 90’s with the popularity of chat rooms and instant messaging technology. The irony is that you can’t chat with someone with words that are nonsense. If you say to us, “Hey Tu Vez guys, where is the bus stop?” and we told you, “navonvrwo[hnb!” would you understand what we were telling you? No, because navonvrwo[hnb isn’t a word. Neither is chatear.

EX: “Oye, Pancho! ¿Quires chatear en el chat room de los payasos perversos?

TR: “Hey, Pancho! Want to chat in the perverted clown chatroom?”

EX: “Yo no puedo chatear ahora, Aurora. Tengo diarrea explosivo.”

TR: “I can’t chat now, Aurora. I have explosive diarrhea.”

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