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Tu Vez Spanglish Dictionary Word Of The Day: Lonche


Noun: The English word lunch as filtered through a thick ass accent. The proper Spanish word is almuerzo, but how often do you hear that here in the US? It can be used as a verb in the even more egregious lonchiar. We know almorzar has one extra syllable, but lets not be lazy. After all you are on tu lonchebray.

EX: “No puedo ayudar a enterar ese cuerpo, Jaime. Estoy comiendo mi lonche.”

TR: “I can’t help you bury that body, Jaime. I’m eating my lunch.”

EX: “Si, dile a Keanu Reeves que lonchiamos mañana para hablar sobre ‘Bill and Ted’s Adventura a la Media Edad’. ”

TR: “Yeah, tell Keanu Reeves we’ll do lunch tomorrow to talk over ‘Bill and Ted’s Adventure into Middle Age’.”

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