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Twitter Tries To Kill Jennifer Lopez With #ripJenniferLopez

Jennifer Lopez is the latest celebrity to fall victim to a twitter death hoax. Yesterday the hashtag #ripjenniferlopez started making the rounds in the Twitterverse convincing many people that Jenny had taken that celestial 6 train to the heavenly block. This came just a day after she received the Vanguard award from GLAAD. Earlier this month, Twitter tried to kill off Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. But Twitter isn’t about to succeed where so many have failed. I really don’t understand the impulse to lie about a celebrity’s death on social media. It’s going to come out pretty quickly that it is B.S. I guess these mouth-breathing basement trolls that start these rumors get off on people being slightly bummed that their favorite celebrities have died for a couple of hours? Then again, that’s what people get for believing whatever they read on Twitter. It’s pretty much lies and ignorance 140 characters at a time. I think J-Lo should find out who started this rumor and kill them off on Twitter. “Dan Scholsky, who is a 37 year old virgin, died from autoerotic asphyxiation. RIP.”

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