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U.S. Government Removes Limit On Cuban Cigars And Rum


The last time I was in Cuba, which was totally legal after president Obama lifted travel restrictions for Cuban-Americans, I was only allowed to bring $100 of Cuban cigars and rum home. That goes pretty quickly. I could pretty much only bring some for me but I had tons of friends and family who had requested I bring back some cigars or rum that I had to disappoint. Not anymore. The Obama administration’s latest round of easing of trade restrictions now allow people traveling to Cuba can bring back as many cigars and bottles of rum as they want. The statement issued by the White House said,

“Today’s action builds on this progress by enabling more scientific collaboration, grants and scholarships, people-to-people contract, and private sector growth. These steps have the potential to accelerate constructive change and unlock greater economic opportunity for Cubans and Americans.”

This is extremely good news. As long as you are bringing it for personal use or gifts and not for resale. Not that there is any way they can really control for that once you are back. I plan on taking an empty suitcase when I go again next year and bringing back a bunch of that stuff. That is, unless Trump and Pence win the election. Those two chuckle twins changed their initial position on Cuba and vowed to lift all of Obama’s executive actions in order to court the old Cuban fart vote in Florida. But if Hilary Clinton wins and the congress goes even a little more Democrat there is a real possibility that the 55 year trade embargo will be lifted all together. So, we’ll have to wait and see.

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