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Undocumented American Confronts Mitt Romney About Dream Act

Politicians aren’t known for inviting confrontation into their life. Every time Mitt Romney says he is opposed to the DREAM ACT and that he supports legal immigration, he’s singing the Republican party’s greatest hits. The result: his fans are satisfied and Romney won’t have to take any chances. Remember when Rick Perry made the faux pas of showing compassion to undocumented immigrants? The Republican party booed and jeered him as if he were a German Nazi saying that he might support hiding Anne Frank in an attic. But who are we to make that strong of a comparison? The story of Anne Frank is one of human rights being violated in the name of the government, and this video here is about a gross illegal trying to shake hands with a man of the people (as long as those people are legal, registered Republicans).

In the video, “Lucy” – an undocumented citizen with a 4.0 GPA – greets Mitt with a hand shake, and then reveals she’s also undocumented. Mitt abruptly pulls his hand from hers. Well if we were to give him the benefit of the doubt, Mitt could have yanked his hand away from Lucy because he had a momentary lapse where he thought she might have been “the help” – illegals he only shakes hands with when palming cash to them under the table. The sad thing is that he tore his hand from hers because in Mitt’s world, to shake Lucy’s hand is to admit her humanity. The undocumented are not people. They are political collateral damage – wrong place, wrong time, wrong ethnicity. They are a statistic that must be lowered to ensure more votes. However, interactions like these might cause Mitt to see undocumented people as what they actually are: human beings. Then he runs the risk of turning into the compassionate version of Ed Norton from American History X. And that’s political suicide.

The fact that illegal immigration isn’t as rampant as the Republicans would have you believe just goes to show that most Republicans prefer pandering to uneducated fears rather than perpetuate the discussion of what is actually happening. But the kind of people who get riled up by sneaky brown people are typically the same type who don’t care about what’s actually going on beyond their own fears. Currently, there’s nothing to stop the Republicans’ political rhetoric about undocumented citizens from turning into full on xenophobic demagoguery – not unlike the prejudicial themes explored in the X-Men movie franchise.

Hell, if immigration was akin to a society with mutants, Mitt’s anger towards “illegal aliens” might actually make sense. Mitt looks exactly like the kind of guy who would have an illegal immigrant son he kept cryogenically frozen in a secret medical facility. It’s usually the people who protest the most that have the most to hide. Or maybe Mitt is more like Stryker, in X2, where his illegal son is actually walking among us, unnoticed. In either case, I’d put my money on Marco Rubio. What do we really know about that guy?

 (Artist depiction of Robert Kelly from X Men or Mitt Romney?)

I am a citizen of this country, and so I don’t have to be afraid to say something dumb, like I did in the above paragraph. Lucy, with her 4.0 GPA, could face deportation at some point, for saying something important. That’s depressing. Even more depressing is how Romney responded. If someone is willing to put themselves in jeopardy for what they believe, then maybe you could have the balls to not pull your hand away in disgust.

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