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“Undocumented And Awkward” Series Shows Undocumented Kids Are Just Like Us

Transitioning into your teen years can be a miserable experience. Your voice changes. Bad acne always shows up at the worst possible time. You get caught watching your best friend’s mom showering … again. Well if that’s not bad enough, the good folks at Dreamers Adrift have introduced a new video series documenting awkward experiences the undocumented youth face in this country. While both videos were definitely awkward, we feel that the people in them should know that it could be worse.

Here’s the first one:

In the first video, we see a young man upset that he can’t get into a club because the door guy won’t take his consulate I.D. Yeah, you should feel ashamed, dude. I have a 15-year-old nephew who knows how to get into bars. If you’re a grown man and you don’t know how to score a fake I.D., then that’s not an issue of being undocumented, it’s an issue of lacking ingenuity. Look at it like this, jefe: that girl who wouldn’t leave the club to hang out with you is not worth your time. If you had been able to get in to meet her, best case scenario is that in 2 years you’d just be another guy to test negative for her baby daddy on Maury. So don’t worry, it could be worse.

In the second video, we see a fellow who has a bonafide college education and is unable to score a decent job because of his legal status. I don’t see what the problem is there. I’m a legal citizen and blood donation is currently at the top of my resume. Very few people have good jobs these days. The only reason this situation is awkward is because our friend runs into an old classmate whose can’t help but brag about how wonderful his life is. Dude, don’t let this ass-hat  make you feel bad. If you and that guy went to school together in that town, then why is he staying in a hotel? Shouldn’t he have a friend he can stay with? I’m guessing no one can stand being around Count Bragula, so he was forced to rent out a room. So relax, it could be worse.

While both of these videos do a good job of showing how awkwardness knows no borders, I feel they could have gone further. Here’s an idea for a video, based on a true story. When I worked in the warehouse at Macy’s, there was a woman–Lois– who could only speak Spanish. The problem there is that the rest of us Latinos working there couldn’t speak fluent Spanish. So one day, my coworker Manny tells us that he overheard her talking on the phone, and according to the conversation, Lois’s birthday was the next day. So early the next morning we set up a big surprise celebration for her. When she arrived, we yelled “surprise!” However, it turned out that what we thought was her birthday was actually the anniversary of her husband’s death. Awkward!

Hey, but at least there was cake.

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