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Undocumented Immigrant Arrests Increase By 40%

increased by 40% since he took office in January. Over forty-thousand people have been arrested and now face deportation. This includes an increasing percentage of immigrants with no criminal records. This is a change in policy from what it was under the Obama administration. What is interesting is that while there have been more arrests, the number of actual deportations is down from what it was last year under the Obama presidency.

This is surprising given Trump’s rhetoric but if you look at the actual numbers of people deported under the Obama administration you will find that he actually deported more people than Clinton or Bush. The truth is that Obama was at best a mixed bag when it came to immigration. Yes, he passed DACA and helped the so-called “Dreamers” stay in the country, however not only did the number of deportations increase but the conditions under which these people were detained was horrible. Not that they will fair better under Trump. It will be interesting to see when, or if, these people will be deported or just perpetually held prisoner.

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