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Uruguay And Colombia Big Wins In Day 8

Another big win for Latin America as Uruguay beats England and Colombia beats Côte d’Ivoire. Luis Suarez made a spectacular return for Uruguay, who missed the opening match with an injury. Both Uruguay and England had several chances to score in the game. Wayne Rooney had a close goal with a free kick and a header that hit the bar. Eventually Rooney would score a goal for England, but Luis Suarez was the one who made the big difference scoring two goals to give Uruguay the victory.

Colombia had a tough game against Côte d’Ivoire until James Rodriguez scored the first goal for Colombia and opened up the game. Midfielder Juan Quintero scored the second goal at the 70 minute mark. Côte d’Ivoire finally scored at the 73 minute mark but in the end could not make a comeback. These are two big wins for Latin America forcing another super team, England, into the brink of elimination.

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