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US, Cuba Reach Historic Agreement on Commercial Flights

Por fin E.U. y Cuba have signed an agreement to resume commercial air traffic for the first time in five decades. U.S. airlines can now start bidding on routes for as many as 110 U.S. Cuba flights a day. This is a game changer, it will make it so much easier to travel to and from the two countries. Currently all flights to Cuba are charters. The agreement will allow for 20 regular daily U.S. commercial flights to Havana plus the current 10-15 charter flights a day.

Todo esto suena muy bien but there is a catch. U.S. visitors to Cuba will still have to qualify under one of the travel categories legally authorized by the U.S. government . Tourism is still barred by law all though the number of legal reasons to go to Cuba has grown and is loosely enforced. Bueno algo es algo no creen?

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