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The US Just Lost a Trade Battle With Mexico

It seems that Mexico and the US have fought for decades over several issues. If it is not for land, its drug flow, immigration and the infamous wall. But most don’t know that both countries have fought for years over tuna. ¿Qué tuna? That’s right tuna. The US insists that any Mexican tuna sold in the US must be “dolphin safe,” meaning no dolphins were killed by tuna fisherman. Mexico insists the tuna they export is dolphin safe, but the US government disagrees.

On Tuesday todo cambio when the World Trade Organization ruled in Mexico’s favor. This will now allow Mexico to impose trade sanctions worth $163 million a year against the US. The WTO says that’s how much money Mexico has lost from the US unfairly penalizing Mexican tuna.

The Mexican government insisted for years that US laws discriminated against their tuna even though Mexico has adhered to international standards on commercial fishing and environmental preservation. Que tal! Who would have thought that fish would be discriminated. With Trump imposing trade tariff left and right, now it’s his turn to feel the burn. Y como dicen cuidado con lo que haces por que se te puede regresar.

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