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Best Soccer Trick Shot Ever

Trust us when we say that the above clip is easily the most jaw-dropping thing you’ll see today (and tomorrow for that matter). What you see above is players of the German Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund passing the time on their team bus ride. In the clip, midfielder Nuris Sahin stands at the front of the bus with the door open and kicks a ball into the wall of an underpass. Pretty boring, right? EXCEPT THAT THE DORTMUND GOALKEEPER ROMAN WEIDENFELLER CAUGHT THE BALL ON THE BOUNCE BACK FROM THE BACK OF THE BUS!!!! Yes, that last sentence merited all caps. Some are speculating that the video might be, as one of our friends put it, “faker than a porn star’s boobs.” If you’re one of those, go play in the middle of the interstate highway. This video is too awesome to be tainted by hater speculation.

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