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Break’s Diversity Video Hits Close To Home

There are two things that scare white people more than anything else: too much flavor in their food and affirmative action. Given the demographic shifts that are taking place, the latter is a sad reality that they have to deal with. Brown faces in the work place is pretty much mandatory at this point. Break is no exception, which is why they hired us.

To their credit, our white boss overlords are able to laugh about it (they’re legally required to). Case in point: their new “Man In The Box” video. Greg, the main white guy character, is telling his friend about the token Latino guy the office just hired. For the record, we’re totally the token Latino guy at Break, and this video is pretty much biographical save for some inaccuracies. We, for example, don’t go to sleep wearing our serapes and sombreros. We only do that on Easter. Although, we did manage to convince Break to let us take 2 hour siestas. They didn’t want to say no because they didn’t want to offend our customs. Suckers.

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