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Charge An iPod With An Onion. Science!

Surely the following has happened to you: there you are, on the subway/bus/car and your iPod dies. What do you do? Tune in to the sound of a homeless guy barking at a hand puppet? Ugh! That’s the worst! Buy one of those portable battery chargers? Uh, no. Those are like $20!

Luckily for you, this video provides a much cheaper alternative. You take an onion, some Gatorade, plug in your iPod, and BAM! Charged device. Total cost: $2.99. In this economy, you’d be crazy not to do that! But what is it that makes this hack work? Apparently, the electrolytes found in Gatorade create a chemical reaction that causes…just watch the video. It explains it better than we can. We got a D in chemistry.

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