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Chivas’ Marco Fabian Scores Amazing Goal Against Barcelona

It’s Friday, which usually means things are pretty slow all around. To help you get over that why-can’t-it-be-quitting-time-already feeling, check out this amazing over-the-head goal scored by Marco Fabian this past Wednesday against Champions League title-holder Barcelona. The match was yet another one of those “Hey, we’re an European club with a huge fan base in the States, so let’s make a crap ton of money” type of deals, but who cares? For one night in Miami’s Sun Life Stadium, Chivas de Guadalajara– one of Mexico’s most storied and popular teams– beat the world champions 4-1, and Marco Fabian played a huge role in that victory.

As Brooks Peck over at Dirty Tackle put it:

“Some have pointed out how Barcelona never allowed more than three goals in one match all last season. Others are quick to shout that it’s only preseason, they made 11 substitutions throughout the match (as did Chivas) and their second choice keeper played the whole thing. But no matter how important you think this meaningless match was, the one takeaway should be just how nice that Marco Fabian goal was.”

Word, Brooks. Word.

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