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Cirque Du Soleil Dude’s Crazy Pitch

Some people think baseball is boring. As a Cuban, I am contractually obligated to punch anyone who says that in the mouth. Still, people want to be entertained. You go to a ballgame, and you have to sit through some old fart, kid, politician, or minor celebrity throwing out the first pitch. Who really cares if comptroller Jones or Randy Quaid can throw a knuckleball? Sometimes though, a ball club comes through with something cool. No, this isn’t a video of the president throwing out a pitch in his mom jeans. It’s one of the dudes from Cirque Du Soleil doing an insane flip, followed by a solid pitch. Also he is dressed like some kind of gay Aztec warrior that is on fire. They should train MLB pitchers to jump like that. Though, most over-the-hill pitchers kept on in the American League by the DL rule would probably shatter a hip. Yeah, I said it!

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