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Cristiano Ronaldo Injures Fan, Apologizes With A Shirt

Cristiano Ronaldo– the most expensive footballer (and likely the most vain) in the world– scored a hat trick yesterday against Getafe and moved his season goal total to 36. Oh yeah, he also injured a Real Madrid CF fan in the process. During the 16th minute of play, Cristiano Ronaldo cleared the ball far into the stands. The ball, in turn, hit a spectator in the face. Ball, meet nose. BAM!

Don’t worry, though. The fan is alright, and the Portuguese striker felt bad about his unintentional act of douchebaggery. So bad, in fact, that CR sought out the injured man, gave him a shirt and apologized. Random note: Holy crap, is Cristiano Ronaldo ripped. Like, seriously. The dude looks like he’s chiseled from marble. All of a sudden, we’re hyperaware of our small booze paunch.

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