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Darth Vader Loves Salsa Dancing

It’s not an easy job being Darth Vader. You have to wake up every morning in your little pod, wax and buff your helmet, iron your cape, and go out to meet the day. You are surrounded by inept English dudes who constantly let the rebels escape. So, you have to regulate, Nate Dogg-style (we’re pouring one out for you, homie), and Force-choke some fools. Add to that a bad relationship with his kids and the horrible knowledge that he was once Hayden Christensen, and you have a recipe for a major crap cake.

Luckily for adult Anakin, he’s got an outlet for all his problems. In this video we see what Lord Vader does to relax. It involves a trombone, some turntables, and salsa dancing. Who knew The Dark Lord of the Sith could shake his butt like that?

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