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“Dominis In The Heights”: A Great Spoof About Going Halfsies

One of the worst things you can do to your personal finances is dating somebody. Sure, you might have someone to hook up with, but that often comes with a monetary cost. Buying them dinner, taking them to movies, gifts. The costs just keep adding up. That’s why we as a society need a video like “Dominis In The Heights,” a treatise that exalts the merits of splitting costs, of doing things on the cheap.

This is yet another comedic gem by Juan Bago and O (they did the “Pan Con Queso” spoof). In addition to perfectly spoofing Kanye West & Jay-Z’s “Niggas in Paris,” the duo provides a much-needed contrast to the trend of minority rappers bragging about living large. Sorry, Yeezy and Hova, but not everyone can drop coin on extravagances. Some of us live on budgets, and eating on the cheap is a necessity.

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