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Douchebag Soccer Player Kicks Owl Off Pitch

During a soccer match in Barranquilla, Colombia, Panamanian soccer player Luis Moreno did a very a-hole and inhumane thing: he kicked an injured owl off the pitch. The incident happened this past Sunday during a match between Atletico Junior and Deportivo Pereira. The owl, an unofficial mascot for Atletico Junior (the home team), hit the pitch. Moreno then walked to the poor, defenseless bird and kicked it. Obviously, the local fans didn’t take too kindly to this, calling the idiotic player a murderer. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a bird is treated poorly by a footballer.

The animal was taken to a local veterinarian hospital and seems to be recovering. Moreno for his part is apologizing like crazy for the incident, claiming that he was only trying to see if the owl would fly and didn’t mean any harm. Yeah, right. Just like we’ll only want to see if you can walk when we kick you in the balls.

via ESPN

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