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El Chupacabra Is Real And Living Dead In Kentucky

When we were in high school, our batty old tias that believed everything they heard on Primer Impacto would warn us to be careful because a chupacabra had been seen lurking around. The mythical beast with a love for sucking the blood out of goats and removing cow anuses (anii) clawed its way into the collective nightmares of kids from Puerto Rico to California. Was it an alien? An experiment gone wrong? Your cousin Tony who is a little funny in the head? Who knows. What we do know is that some good ‘ol boy from Kentucky shot an alleged chupacabra in his backyard. Because obviously, if you see a weird and interesting creature your first instinct should be to shoot it. Judging from the people in this video, they’ll probably make chupacabra jerky out of him. Given that this Latin American alien beast found himself in rural Kentucky we wouldn’t rule out suicide.

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