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Expoloding Pants: A 4th of July Cautionary Video

Yesterday was the Fourth of July, and we hope all of you had a good time. We also hope none of you lost a finger to a a firework. Fireworks are fun. Fun to watch and fun to set off. Who doesn’t like to blow stuff up? It’s downright un-American. What better way to celebrate the founding of our country than explosions of colorful violence. The problem is, most of us are not licensed or qualified to handle explosives. The second problem is that by the time it gets to fireworks time, you are drunk off your ass. Colorful gun powder and alcohol do not mix. It’s important to practice common sense. Unfortunately, not everyone comes equipped with common sense. Take the guy in this video. He’s setting off fireworks in his backyard, he’s got flames and explosions going on all over the place, and he decided to keep the unexploded fireworks in his pants. Now we don’t know about you, but near our junk is the last place we want to keep explosives.

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