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Facepalm Moment Of The Day: The Osama Bin Laden Corrido

In today’s edition of “stuff that kind of makes us facepalm,” we present to you “El Corrido De Osama Bin Laden,” written and performed by Los Piratas Del Tamarindo. We get that corridos are narrative ballads that retell current event and given that the death of Osama Bin Laden is just about the most important thing to have happened this past week, it makes more than perfect sense that someone would put ink to paper and write a corrido about this historic moment. With that said, come on, guys! This song is just classless, borders on racist, and straight up idiotic. Los Piratas Del Tamarindo, we’re putting your asses on notice. Your garbage, much like the chuntaritos, is making us look bad.

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