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Gorilla Walks Upright. Welcome To The Planet Of The Apes.

Bipedalism, opposable thumbs, and the ability to make sandwiches are the basic things that separate us from our ape cousins. The gorilla in this video has learned to walk upright. Crap.

Now we aren’t saying that something should “be done” about this gorilla. We would never advocate that he be “exterminated, with extreme prejudice for the good of humankind.” We are all about animal rights and all that.

All we’re saying is that we should keep an eye on this ape. Once apes start walking like us, it is only a small step to them being able to ride horses and shoot guns. Do you want to end up in a cage like Charleston Heston? Of the post-apocalyptic world scenarios, Planet of the Apes just got a little closer to happening.

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