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Gringo De Mayo: Cheap Trick Plays “Surrender” With Mariachi

Today is Cinco de Mayo, the one day where even the most caucasian of your co-workers will pretend they’re Mexican for one day and drink copious amounts of tequila and Mexican beer *. Because today is a very lucrative holiday for spirit makers, some of them are doing everything they can to get you to spend your dinero purchasing their products. Hornitos is no exception. The tequila maker hired rock and roll band Cheap Trick to re-record their hit “Surrender” with a  mariachi band. Yes. Because nothing says “we kicked the French’s ass back in the day” better than Robin Zander belting out that “your momma’s alright” while trumpet players accompany him. This is nothing more than cheap trick (you see what we did there?), but people will eat it up, so just sit back and enjoy.

*That’s kind of messed up if you really think about it. White people think that acting Mexican means getting drunk off of tequila? While they’re at it, why don’t they dress like day laborers, wake up at the crack of dawn, and work their asses off for pennies on the dollar? That’s probably the most productive way for them to perpetuate a stereotype.

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