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Hero Dog Fenton Chases Stampede Of Evil Deer

I don’t trust deer. There, I said it. They have beady, shifty eyes that get caught in the headlights that look straight into your soul. Plus, they are super fast and have friggin’ horns. You know who else is fast, has piercing eyes, and horns? Satan. Now, I’m not saying that deer are Satan’s minions…no…that is what I’m saying. Many a late night drive has almost turned to disaster when one of these evil hoofed beasts darts in front of my car. Every year, they cause hundreds of car accidents by willingly killing themselves to wreck cars. They are the suicide bombers of the animal kingdom.

That’s why this dog is a hero. His name is Fenton, and he causes a stampede of deer across a field, past a roadway, and on to who knows where. His owner is angrily chasing after Fenton for what he is doing, but what he doesn’t understand is that Fenton was trying to save him. That many deer is a recipe for doom.

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