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“I Kill People” Is An Anthem To Gangsta Poseurhood

Did you have that friend in high school who pretended to be all hard, but you knew it was all BS? We did. He’d come to school wearing a hairnet, chinos, and a wife beater like he was Lou Diamond Phillips in “Stand and Deliver“. He would talk about how he shot this dude in the leg for looking at him wrong and other tales of la vida loca. You knew he was full of something, and it wasn’t bullet fragments from a gang fight. He was more likely to spend a Friday evening watching telenovelas with his mom than “pimpin’ out ho’s”. Rappers have also been known to fudge their street cred. Like, Vanilla Ice saying he was a gangsta from Miami Beach and not a guy who worked at the Gap in Miami Beach.

What’s great about Jon Lajoie’s “I Kill People” is how blissfully he embraces his poseurhood. He’s a comedian and his song is a joke, but it still illustrates how ridiculous the claims made by rappers can be. Plus, he wears a loud Hawaiian shirt that would have given ALF an aneurysm.

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