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Iniesta And Messi Show Why Barcelona’s The Best In The World

Last night, Barcelona faced off against FC Viktoria Plzen in Champions League group action. Unsurprisingly, Barça won 2-0. Viktoria Plzen, after all, qualified for the UEFA tournament after winning their domestic league for the first time in team history. In last night’s game, Andres Iniesta and Lionel Messi exposed the disparity between these two teams early on (10th minute) with an amazing back-and-forth passing clinic that turned into a goal.

Lately we’ve been thinking that European football is very much like college football. The domestic leagues in soccer are much like the different conferences. Some are stronger than others The Bundesliga, for example, is to the English Premier League what the Conference-USA is to the SEC. Except, of course, European soccer has an actual tournament and college football doesn’t so maybe they’re not so analogous.


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