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iPhone 4S’ Siri No Understandings Your Accents

One of the most talked about features on the new iPhone 4s is called Siri. Basically, it is a voice recognition program that you can interact with. It’s like having a robot helper, only without the possibility it will arise and kill you. You can create voice commands, automate functions, and even have conversations. As anyone who has ever had to enunciate every syllable in slow motion to an automated voice system know, this technology is not 100%. Siri, like all voice tech has a problem understanding heavy accents. So, if you speak with the clarity and diction of Lawrence Olivier, you’re golden. But, if on the odd chance our moms tried to use it, Siri would be lost. Perhaps Apple can come up with a Latino mom speech app. Like, your mom could say, “Where’s is de banco?” and it could spit out “Where is the bank, please?” in Merryl Streep’s voice or something.

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