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Japan Has The Best Behaved Soccer Hooligans

The Japanese love sports as much as we do, maybe even more. Go to a baseball game in Tokyo and you’ll see dedication that the Yankees and Red Sox can only dream about. Like a lot of things in their culture, they take sports very seriously and are meticulous in their fandom. Every player, for example, has a different song or chant that the dedicated fan must learn. Do you think that the average Scottish soccer hooligan can remember a song for every player on the field? They are usually so drunk they have to use all their concentration to not pee their pants.

Take this mob of soccer hooligans celebrating after a soccer victory, for example. In any other country, these dudes would be fighting, breaking windows, and overturning cars. In Japan, they politely get out of the street when the light changes to let the cars pass. It is rude and illegal to block an intersection.

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