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Introducing “Juay De Rito,” The Remix

About a week ago, Anthony Hopkins was interviewed by Joaquin Lopez Doriga, one of the most famous (if not the most famous) Mexican news anchor. Hopkins was supposed to plug his new movie The Rite. It was going to be a quick puff piece and nothing more. Of course, that didn’t end up happening. Hopkin’s earpiece didn’t work, which means that whoever was translating Lopez Doriga’s questions to the actor couldn’t communicate with him. As a result, the newsman tried to show off his bilingual skills by improvising the interview in English. Needless to say, Lopez Doriga failed miserably and hilarity ensued. The clip (which you can see here), went viral in Mexico, and the phrase “juay de rito” (Doriga’s butchering of “Why The Rite”) has become a meme south of the border.And now, as memes are wont to do, someone has done a remix of “Juay De Rito.”

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