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Kid Perfectly Nails An Old Lady With A Soccer Ball

The rules of soccer seem straight forward enough: Kick the ball into the opposing teams goal, only the goalie can use his hands, you can use your feet, knees, and…head? It seems odd that you can use your head, doesn’t it? Sure, your head is hard and you can bounce the ball a good ways…but still. That’s where your brain is! Your brain is delicate and easily scrambled. A fast moving soccer ball to your head will make you forget your kid’s names. We aren’t saying soccer players should use helmets, their ugly haircuts are protection enough. But, you do need to be careful that you don’t do anything stupid, like the kid in this video who kicks a soccer ball into an old lady’s head and knock her out. This is seen as bad form, even in those Eastern European countries here we are pretty sure the players wake up everyday to eat puppies.

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