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La Ogra Will Delete Unfriend Your Ass on “Feisbuh”

We don’t know who this La Ogra person is, but we most definitely agree with her. Do you have annoying friends on Facebook who oftentimes (like every freakin’ day) spam you with invites to join their farm? How about douchenozzles who tag you on notes or posts that have nothing to do with you? Annoying as hell, isn’t it? Normally, we just ignore those requests and ensure that their posts never make it to our newsfeed ever again. Up until now, we felt like this was the appropriate recourse for such awful behavior. But as La Ogra pointed it out to us in this magnificent video, that wasn’t enough. The best way to deal with these bottom-of-the-barrel scum is by cutting all ties with them. That’s right, folks. We’re talking about unfriending them.

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