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Law-Breaking Cop Pulled Over By Cop

Full disclosure: we’ve had a couple of run-ins with la ley in our young and wild years (nothing that would ever prevent us from keeping a job). Because of that (and because of our skin color) we’ve always been distrustful of cops. Not all of them are bad, but in our experience, most police officers are dudes with a power trip and a badge.

That’s why we always get a warm feeling in our stomach whenever one of them messes up. It’s satisfying when the long [nickname for Richard] of the law screws one of them over. They’re not above it, and should therefore pay the consequence of their actions.

The video above shows a Miami Police officer getting arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol. The former was driving 120 miles per hour on the highway. He wasn’t going heading towards an emergency, however. The dude was running late to his second job.

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