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Behold The Horror Of Seleno Gomez

The great thing about singing in the shower is that no one is there to judge you. Same thing with singing in the car. I’ve often thought that if my fellow drivers could hear me singing along with Meatloaf’s “I Would Do Anything For Love”, they’d probably run me off the road. Singing on public transportation is another story. People are not only going to judge your singing ability but also your song selection.

That’s why you have to respect this guy, because he just doesn’t give a damn. Captured singing a Selena Gomez song on a bus in Chile, this dude has been dubbed “Seleno Gomez”. He is singing Selena’s song “Love You Like A Love Song”. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t know what the words mean and is just screaming what the words sound like to him. Seleno marches to the beat of his own tween music loving drummer.

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