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Manny Ramirez Breaks Microphone While Leaving Jail

To follow up on a story we reported yesterday, Manny Ramirez likes to beat up microphones as well as his wife. As he was leaving jail for having allegedly slapped his wife, TMZ and their ilk were trying to get a statement from him. They stuck a mic in his car, at which point he grabbed it and threw it out the window. He probably broke that poor defenseless mic that was only doing its job. From a purely economical standpoint, mics are expensive. Can we really afford to be breaking expensive sound equipment in a recession?

We’re not saying that paparazzi and journalists don’t sometimes go too far and that maybe they shouldn’t have been so pushy. However, blowing your top and abusing microphones is not exactly the best way to prove you aren’t an angry wife beater. It just goes to show you what we’ve always said: Manny Ramirez is a total jerk.



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