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Mexican Mitt Romney’s New Ad: Paul Babeu’s Gaydar Fence

Leave it to Mexican Mitt Romney and his campaign ads to shine a comedic light at the absurdities of the Republican party. This time around, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is the subject caught in between Mexican Mitt’s crosshairs. If  you’re unfamiliar with the Arizona sheriff, he’s a Republican and anti-immigration candidate who apparently was in a homosexual relationship with a, gasp!, undocumented man. You can read more about the scandal over at Univision News.

We’re not ones to sit around and make fun of other people’s misfortunes [ed. note: yes we are], but we’re totally okay with the schadenfreude stemming from Paul Babeu’s troubles. Why? Because Babeu has made a career of fear-mongering and vilifying undocumented workers and yet here he is having a relationship with one, almost as if he’s a human being!



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