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Mexican Teacher Martha Rivera Alanis Calms Kindergarten Students During Shootout

The following video, which shows Martha Rivera Alanis– a kindergarten teacher in the Mexican city of Monterrey– calming her students down during a bloody and deathly shootout, is making the internet (and news) rounds. Highlighting clips such as these isn’t a thing we do with much frequency, but we felt compelled to buck that trend because, quite frankly, the needless violence in Mexico is very much a reality.

In the video–recorded by the teacher with her cell phone– the kids are told to lay on the floor. To calm the students, Martha Rivera Alanis gets her class of terrified children to sing a song from Barney and Friends. The kids get into it and are temporarily distracted by the very audible gunfight going on outside.

There’s something equally heartwarming and heartbreaking about this video. The violence is out of control, and the fact that children– CHILDREN!– have to deal with a situation in which their lives are potentially at danger is utterly terrible. Still, in the midst of this madness, people like Martha Rivera Alanis remind us that just as there’s violence, there’s also human kindness.

Alanis, by the way, was recognized by the state of Nuevo Leon for her behavior and has been recognized worldwide thanks to this video.

via CNN

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