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Pepe El Toro Fights Rocky Balboa

Pepe El Toro Vs. Rocky Balboa. Oh hell to the mothereffin’ yes! Some person had the brilliant idea of mashing up clips from Pedro Infante’s 1953 film Pepe El Toro with boxing footage from Rocky. The end result? 100% awesomeness. Watching the above clip left us wondering. If this fight were to actually happen,? It’s hard to tell, really. Historically speaking, Mexicans have fared better in boxing (especially in the lighter divisions). Advantage, Pepe El Toro. Then again, Rocky Balboa DID end the Cold War when he defeated Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. One’s thing for sure: whatever the outcome of this epic fight between two fictional boxers might be, we’d all be winners for sure.

via Hazme El Chingado Favor

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