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Pitcher Brian Wilson Makes Lopez Tonight Funny

For the first time since the show has been in the air, Lopez Tonight was genuinely funny. We’re just kidding. We’ve never actually seen much of the show to make that statement. What we weren’t kidding about, however, was that it was genuinely funny last night. It wasn’t because of George Lopez, though. That guy couldn’t tell a funny joke (that doesn’t involve Latino stereotypes) to save his life. The source of this comedic gold was none other than San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson, a guest on last night’s show. The eccentric (that’s a mild way of putting it) pitcher– dressed as a sea captain– talked about how bigger of a badass he is than Chuck Norris, sea men and semen, foot massages with (possibly) happy endings, and, of course, about The Machine. Good stuff, Brian. If only you could be a daily fixture on that turd of a show. Then maybe we would start watching. Oh, and one more thing, George. It’s pronounced “seh-vee-cheh” not “se-vee-chee,” baboso!

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