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Quadrocopters Play Ping Pong, Plot Our Doom

We here at Tu Vez think it is our duty to prepare you, our loyal readers, for the coming robocalypse. This is the day when the robots, computers, and mechanized terrors we’ve created turn on us and makes us their slaves. It is important that we all be little Juan Conners and learn their robo-ways.

Case in point: the Quadrocopter that can play ping pong. Not only did these lunatics create small, easily maneuverable, flying robots but they also programmed them with the coordination to play ping pong. It is truly an amazing feat of misguided engineering. Next they are going to teach them tennis. Who know, in a few years one of these little guys may be the next Monica Seles or Roger Federer? Which is good because all the human tennis players will be dead.

Oh, and they can play the piano too.

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