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Russian Dudes Start Avalanche For Fun

People are…well,stupid. Some mothereffers are just dumb as all well. If that weren’t the case, you would never hear on the news about the morons who blew themselves up doing something idiotic. Usually, other people’s stupidity  doesn’t involve triggering a natural disaster. But these Russian guys (video above) are different. These are the kind of people whose idiocy borders on bravado. Just what did they do? Oh, nothing. Pretty standard stuff, really. They shot an anti-aircraft gun at a mountain fill with snow. no biggie.

A couple of thoughts: 1) Is there really so much left over Soviet military stuff laying around, that these yahoos can just up and have an anti-aircraft gun? 2)If you start an avalanche, shouldn’t you not stand under the mountain? 3) That rickety fence is not a sufficient barrier. 4) You guys need a hobby. Have you tried stamp collecting, playing Xbox, or not starting natural disasters?

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