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Sexy Girl Demonstrates How To Properly Ride Mechanical Bull

Thirty years ago a film masterpiece hit the theaters and changed the way we live our lives. We are talking about the seminal classic Urban Cowboy. In this film, John Travolta is a redneck working at a refinery in Pasadena, TX, (this author’s home town). He spends all his free time at iconic honky-tonk, Gilley’s. He meets and falls in love with a redneckette played by Debra Winger. The rest of the movie involves the two of them fighting over Debra Winger’s desire to ride Gilley’s mechanical bull. You know, real life problems.

In this video, a young woman pays homage to Debra Winger’s sexy bull ride with a hot ride of her own. Makes you wish you were a saddle, doesn’t it?

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