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So Long, Patrice

Another great comedian has died young. Patrice O’Neal, one of the funniest dudes I’ve ever seen, died yesterday at the age of 41. He’s most well known for being in “The Office”, “Arrested Development”, and as a regular on the “Opie and Anthony” radio show. I would tune in in the mornings to “Opie and Anthony” specifically to hear Patrice’s unique take on life, sex, race, and politics. His stand-up was killer. His timing was odd, but perfect for the rhythm of his bits. He was the kind of comedian other comedians loved to watch. The cause of death hasn’t been determined, but he was a bad diabetic who suffered a stroke recently.

As my friend and fellow Tu Vez writer, Lucas Molandes, has pointed out, it is totally unfair and wrong that the great comedians die young. That Greg Giraldo, Bill Hicks, Lenny Bruce, and Sam Kinison died so young while Carlos Mencia and George Lopez still walk the Earth is a crime.

Here is Patrice in his comedy special, “Elephant in the Room,” talking about race and his inability to spell the word restaurant. So, long Patrice.

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