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Adios, Steve Jobs

It’s a sad day for nerddom. The great Steve Jobs has gone to that white plastic and silver aluminum place in the sky. We here at Tu Vez have been life long fans of Apple, and a lot of that has to do with the genius of Steve Jobs. He knew intuitively how to create products that were innovative, easy to use, worked well, and looked like works of art. Think about the lust Apple products are able to inspire. This author will never forget seeing hundreds of people camped out overnight in 20 degree weather for the original iPad. What other company inspires that kind of devotion?

Steve Jobs’ story is a truly American tale. A teenage orphan living in southern California gets together with his friend and changes the world by creating the first commercially successful personal computer in his garage. This interaction, you reading this story, might never have happened without Steve Jobs. I’m writing this on one of his computers. Many people learned about his passing on their iPhone. We live in a world that, in part, was forged by this one man.

This video is from a 2005 graduation address at Stanford, in which Jobs talks about how death and our own finite nature is what gives context and urgency to how we need to live our lives.

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